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Cairn Trust Management

About us

At Cairn Trust Management we are committed to delivering a high quality and personalised service.  We set up the company because we saw that many individuals were dissatisfied with the way trust funds were working.  People often found it difficult to access money and struggled to understand the complicated financial information they received. 

We wanted to use our 10 years experience to provide a person-centred approach to trust management.  An approach that actually puts the individual’s needs first.

We believe that having a trust fund should reduce stress and improve lives.  We start by getting to know the beneficiary and the important people in his or her life.  Then we create a personal management and spending plan, and set regular reviews.  The overarching aim in our planning process is to make sure we use funds in the short, medium and long term to improve the beneficiary’s quality of life.

'Your knowledge and sensitivity of disability is invaluable'

Ms H, client